New Prints Available!

I am very excited to share my new limited edition print, now available through Field Projects and affordably priced at $40!  The editions also come with some beautiful frames for $150.  It’s one of my favorites pieces, the original piece is 38 x 31 inches so it’s great to share this one in a smaller size.

Back in the Studio

I'm thrilled to be back in the studio after a way-too-long hiatus.  I've been incredibly moved and inspired by images of graffitied memorial sites for victims of drive by shootings and recent mass shootings at universities such as the UCSB shooting in May (below).   

Object Object! San Diego, CA

Opening at HELMUTH PROJECTS, in San Diego, I'm delighted to be apart of this exhibition of small work.  Everything in the show is 10 x 10 inches or smaller.  The exhibition is the brainchild of wonderful curators John Oliver Lewis & Jessica McCambly.

This piece is part of a new series and mini- 7 x 9 inches...

Christmas Tree in the Living Room, 1970s

Christmas Tree in the Living Room, 1970s

object object poster.jpg

Group Show @ Honey Ramka (FRIDAY NIGHT!)

Come check it out this Friday night!  Honey Ramka is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, The Crystal Cracked. The exhibition opens Friday, September 6th from 6-9pm, and runs through Sunday, October 6th.

The Crystal Cracked features artworks by Jessica Cannon, Lars van Dooren, Ben Finer, Michelle Heinz, Peter Lapsley, Keri Oldham, Russell Tyler, and Nikita Vishnevskiy. This show highlights works that are of a fractured, cosmic, or fantastical bent. Like prisms splintering their own light, the artworks rally fragments into curious constellations that reassert the sublimity of brokenness.


Honey Ramka is an artist-run exhibition space located in Bushwick, Brooklyn @ 56 Bogart Street.

Nikita Vishnevskiy, Untitled, 21_ x 14_-1.jpg

Boom Town- The Dallas Museum of Art

I'm very excited to be particpating in Boom Town, curated by The Art Foundation at the Dallas Museum of Art!

Show opens FRIDAY July 19th, also I'm apart of an Artist Talk @ 8:30pm. 

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX,  July 19- Aug 18, 2013

Boom Town, an exhibition organized by The Art Foundation for Available Spaces, describes the tangle of networks – political, economical, geographical, social and historical – that shape Dallas’ current cultural climate. The exhibited work is by a handful of exemplary artists with connections to Dallas whose various modes of expression evince equal parts conflict, anxiety, or refusal. Without posing a justification for their choice to be here, Boom Town reveals the vibrancy and viability of this city’s artists, in hopes of aiding in their liberation from the burden of the local.